Toyota Hilux Revo Suspension

Toyota Hilux Revo now gives dramatic improvement in comfort thanks to the new world class suspension.

Newly developed frame and suspension

  • Improved comfort, ruggedness and safety due to enlarged side rail cross-section
  • Enhanced off-road performance and comfort thanks to the upgraded leaf spring suspension and shock absorbers. Rumored Coil Spring Suspension was not introduced.
  • Three types of suspension specification to suit driving conditions all around the world:
    • Standard (suited to all road conditions the world over);
    • Heavy duty (for heavy loads); and
    • Comfort (the specification of the vehicle at today’s launch in Thailand; mainly for driving on paved roads)

    Toyota Australia was given the responsibility to building a rugged suspension for Australian market that could deliver increased wheel articulation, improved handling and greater comfort so owners might enjoy stress-free driving even with a full load. Engineers at Toyota Australia rose to the occasion and have developed such an advanced suspension that was tested in  very tough terrains all over Australia.

    Engineers have done an excellent  job and the new Hilux with its improved off-road performance, better suppression of vibrations and improved roll stiffness – gives superior ride and handling in the harsh conditions in some of the harshest environments..



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