Toyota Hilux Revo Single Cab

Toyota Hilux Revo Single Cab for the first time in 4WD

Toyota Hilux Revo Single Cab for the first time in 4WD

The Toyota Hilux Revo is one of the most imposing utility vehicles out there, and it just got even more so with the Japanese company announcing design changes and more power for the 2016 model year.
The Hilux will come with anti-lock brakes across the board and hopefully also the Autonomous Emergency Braking. The new model Toyota Hilux Revo Single Cab will for the first time be available in 4 Wheel Drive. There will also be many more variants of Single Cab. There are substantial revisions to the front and rear, and new seats and interior door trims throughout the range.

The design of the dash has been improved upon with the horizontal centre instrument cluster reinforcing the breadth and roominess of the cabin. It incorporates a tablet size full colour, touch screen multimedia unit. The quality and feel have been revised, and all the colors fit together more uniformly.


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