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Rows of Toyota Hilux Revo in stock now at Jim

Toyota Hilux Revo – the Revolutionary Next Generation Hilux – is available in Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive our showroom for quick export. All New 2017 2018 Toyota Fortuner is also now in stock in Right Hand Drive. Left Hand Drive Fortuner 2017 2018 is also available. Email us now at to get your own Hilux Revo or Fortuner now. Jim is Thailand Toyota Hilux Vigo Exporter and Toyota Hilux Vigo Importer. Toyota Hilux Revo is our best selling pickup truck.

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The new and improved 2017 2018 Toyota Hilux Revo is bigger and better, has a car like comfortable interior, improved safety, improved suspension, greater fuel efficiency and brand new engines.4 slat horizontal grille, new projector headlamps with LED DRLs and new bumpers give it a bold new look.

Here are some highlights:

  • RHD Hilux Revo is available in Four engines, including two newly developed 2400 cc and 2800 cc GD turbo diesel engines and two Petrol engines: 2700 cc and 4000 cc Gasoline Dual VVT-i engines. 4000 cc only available from Australia. Left Hand drive Toyota Hilux Revo is now available in a revamped 3000 cc D-4D engine with the new Revo looks and features
  • New six-speed manual and automatic transmissions. Automatic on high end model is selectronic where you can switch to manual when desired
  • Thicker, stronger frame and off-road protection
  • Toyota Australia developed rugged suspension package
  • Available in Single Cab in 4WD for the first time
  • Smart Cab (Extra Cab) Toyota Hilux Revo available in 2WD, 2WD Hi-Rider Prerunner (2WD raised to the height of a 4WD) and 4WD. 2WD is expected to be RWD
  • Advanced comfort, safety and convenience
  • Increased towing capacity up to 3.5 tonnes and payloads of up to 1240kg.
  • Increased ride comfort makes long drives less grueling
  • Quieter cabin allows communication in even the roughest climate and toughest terrain
  • Improved fuel efficiency allows one to not only save money but to also take long trips without worrying about refueling
Toyota Hilux Revo available now

Toyota Hilux Revo available now

The new 2015 2016 Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ is now called 2015 2016 Toyota Hilux Revo. Right Hand Drive Toyota Hilux Revo was released in May 2015 while Left Hand Drive Toyota Hilux Revo was released in August 2015. We are shipping both RHD and LHD Hilux Revo now.

Hundreds of our customers had booked their Toyota Hilux 2016 Revo and their vehicles were shipped the first month of their release. Be the first one in your country to get your very own Toyota Hilux Revo by emailing us at

White Toyota Hilux Revo

2016 Toyota Hilux Revo 2015 in white available now

Over 13 million Toyota Hilux have blazed trails around the world since 1968. From the Arctic to the Sahara, this unstoppable pick up has earned trust and admiration for its off-road capabilities and endurance. Now its latest incarnation, Toyota Hilux 2015 Revo is a Revolution in the making, it is bigger, wider, faster and way cooler than all its predecessors and available at cheapest prices in the world at Toyota Hilux dealer and exporter Jim Autos.

All New Toyota Hilux Revo now comes with ESTEC GD Engine

All New Toyota Hilux Revo now comes with ESTEC GD Engine

2016 Toyota Hilux Revo now comes with brand new ESTEC GD 2400 cc and 2800 cc engines in diesel and 2700 cc Dual VVT-i engine in petrol. Hilux Revo is available in three cab configurations: Single Cab, Smart cab and Double Cab. All New 2016 Toyota Fortuner is also available in brand new ESTEC GD 2800 cc engine.

Even though many customers prefer calling the new Hilux 2015 Toyota Hilux Revo since it is being released in 2015 but it is technically 2016 Toyota Hilux Revo as the model year for this Next Gen Hilux will be 2016.

Main features of Toyota Hilux Revo

Newly developed frame and suspension

  • Improved comfort, ruggedness and safety due to enlarged side rail cross-section
  • Enhanced off-road performance and comfort thanks to the upgraded leaf spring suspension and shock absorbers
  • Three types of suspension specification to suit driving conditions all around the world:
    • Standard (suited to all road conditions the world over);
    • Heavy duty (for heavy loads); and
    • Comfort (the specification of the vehicle at today’s launch in Thailand; mainly for driving on paved roads)

Newly developed engine and transmission

  • Excellent torque in all rev ranges, with significantly improved torque at low speed thanks to the newly developed diesel engines
  • Extended cruising distance enabled by improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced engine noise
  • Balanced torque and fuel efficiency due to newly developed six-speed automatic transmission with more steps and optimized gear ratio to maximize engine performance


  • Reduced maintenance and repair time, thanks to enhanced serviceability around the new engine

Tough yet emotional design

Toyota Hilux Revo Exterior

  • Tough yet refined appearance achieved by contrasting the front panel with its sturdy bumper section and the integrated look of the slender upper grille and LED headlamps
  • Refinement and sensitivity not usually found in a truck thanks to strong, dynamic body side wheel flares, attractively integrated with the overall body

Toyota Hilux Revo Interior

  • Stylish instrument panel featuring a unified design aesthetic and free use of metallic decoration, giving a strong yet refined appearance
  • Cutting-edge, luxurious features, including audio system with electrostatic multi-touch control panel, 4WD changeover switch and luxury seats

Example specifications Hilux Double-Cab

Length 5,335 mm
Width 1,855 mm
Height 1,820 mm
Wheelbase 3,085 mm
Engine Type 1GD (diesel)
Displacement 2,755 cc
Maximum output 130 kW[177 PS]/3,400 rpm
Maximum torque 450 N・m[45.9 kgf・m]/1,600-2,400 rpm
Transmission 6AT
Driveline 4WD
Tire size 17 inch in Toyota Hilux Revo Double Cab 2800 cc G Auto

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